You can learn a lot from a 2 year old… Syracuse, NY Child Photographer

I can say that both as a mom of an almost 2 year old AND a photographer. I enjoyed what this little guy reminded me:

-hug the people you love..LOTS..( he even had hugs for me!)

-look at things from a different angle

-if at 1st you don’t succeed, try something different

-there are fun things to discover everywhere, you just have to look for them

-and if someone brings a little red bike for you to play with that looks just like yours, it can be mighty confusing when you have to give it back 😉

Thank you for reminding me! Sometimes I get so busy, I forget.

  • Cara Hale - What a beautiful family!!!!! I love that little boy so much!!!!!

  • Lina - How in the world can you choose they are all sooooooo good. My fave the 3 of you at the end and all of Max’s! lol

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